Do you recognize feeling restless and tired during the workweek? You are not alone. Many people experience a certain amount of restlessness during their week. Most of the time it is not because people work too much, it is because people do not recharge their battery enough. Especially in our Western society we are constantly on the go, processing new information every second, never really stopping. During the day more energy is going out than in. This leaves us feeling tired and sometimes even burned out.

Yoga can give you and your team the boost that you need. Yoga helps you to “be” instead of to “do”, to “feel” instead of to “think” and to recharge your battery. What you have learned on the yoga mat, you can apply in your daily life. It has even been scientifically proven that a regular yoga practice has a positive effect on the immune system, stress and the functioning of our brains.  


In our corporate yoga classes we focus on movement, breathing and mindfulness. A Boost My Day yoga class is designed to release physical and mental tension, find balance and create new energy. Next to an immediate release of feelings of stress, we provide tools for recognizing signs of stress and how to deal with stress in general. Boost My Day offers yoga workshops and custom-made yoga programs.

Boost My Day’s yoga classes are for everyone. From first timers to the more experienced. You don’t need to be flexible. For every yoga pose there are modifications. Our qualified yoga teachers are there to help you experience the benefits of yoga at your own pace.

Boost My Day comes to your office or any other location. We create a pop-up yoga studio in one of your meeting rooms (or in another suitable space). We take care of the yoga mats and other props needed. Our corporate yoga classes are 45 to 60 minutes and perfect to plan in the morning before work, during lunch or after work.


Boost the day of your team with a custom-made office yoga workshop. A fun and all level introduction to yoga and the benefits. Want to dive deeper into the world of yoga, grow your yoga practice and experience the benefits? Offer your people a custom made yoga-program. 

EUR 200.- ex VAT (per class)

Matthijs Van Etten (Survey Monkey):

“The smallest things can make the biggest difference. So true for our ‘corporate’ yoga experience with Cecile. It has been a pleasure having rooftop sessions to relax and re-energize in busy business weeks. While Covid came, it was amazing to see the continued positive impact with digital sessions, from morning starts to chair yoga breaks – would def recommend a refreshing Boost session! Namasté”