"You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf"
Jon Kabat-Zinn

Does your mind often wonder off? Do you find it hard to focus? Do you keep obsessing about things that happened in the past or worrying about the future? Mindfulness can help. Mindfulness is the ability we have, to be present and aware of where we are and what we are doing. It’s a quality all human beings have and which can be cultivated by training your brain. Through mindfulness you will start to see how your mind works without getting carried away by it so easily. You will learn to understand your own thinking patterns and break through negative thinking patterns. It even has been scientifically proven that implementing mindfulness in your life, can change the part of your brain related to stress.


During a Boost My Day mindfulness training you will learn why training the mind is so beneficial, get to know techniques to train the mind and tools to implement mindfulness in your daily life. Boost My Day offers both mindfulness workshops and mindfulness-based stress reduction programs.



A fun and practical introduction to mindfulness, training the brain and the benefits of mindfulness at work and in life. You and your team will learn in an accessible and down to earth way the benefits of mindfulness, techniques to train the brain and tools to implement mindfulness in daily life. The workshop is 120 minutes.

In addition to the workshop, the team will receive exclusive Boost My Day audio files with mindfulness exercises for home use. Do you prefer to do this workshop online? View our online offer here.

EUR 695.- ex VAT



During a period of 6 months (or more) we will work on specific mindfulness related themes like mindset, stress and focus.

The goal of this program is to create awareness around these themes and to help the team integrate practical tools in their work life and private life for less stress, more focus and positivity.

Next to the workshops the team receives additional audio files, video’s and challenges. 

Ideal to plan one workshop every month. Rather do this program online? View our online offer here.

Pricing to be discussed with client
Depends on the duration of the program
Lezanne du Plessis (WP Carey):

“Cecile did a wonderful Introduction To Mindfulness session for our global team on Friday, 9 October 2020. The workshop was enjoyed by all who attended and it was a great way to ease into the weekend ahead. During the discussion you really get to know about the benefits of mindfulness and how it can relate to improved mental health. The exercises are practical and fun to do, and can be incorporated in your everyday routine no matter where you are. The additional home audio tapes makes for the full meditation and mindfulness experience and is such a useful resource to access whenever you feel like you need it! 


Thank you for the fantastic work you do, Cecile. We’re looking forward to seeing you again soon!”